Dress Code

Betchworth values its history and established traditions but is modern in outlook.

We believe the way players and non-playing visitors dress and conduct themselves should show respect for other players and the club.


Our current guideline is simply that any recognised golfing apparel which can be purchased from a professional golf retail outlet is acceptable, with certain caveats:

  • We prefer men’s shirts to be tucked in, but recognise some shirts are designed to be worn outside the waistband. In either case they must be tailored and have collars. Tee shirts and football shirts are not acceptable.
  • Socks should either be white or match the rest of the clothing.
  • Golf trousers, shorts and skirts should be tailored.
  • Jeans and cargo shorts are not deemed “golfing apparel” and so should not be worn on the course or when using the practice facilities.


Any smart casual clothing is acceptable in the clubhouse, including smart jeans. Tracksuits and similar ‘athleisure’ wear are not acceptable and we ask that headgear be removed.

Golf shoes are not permitted beyond the entrance, changing areas and spike bar.  Clean trainers in the clubhouse are acceptable.

Specific dress codes may apply for competition presentations and functions.


Wi-fi is available throughout the clubhouse for access to emails and the internet using all laptop and mobile devices. The code is printed on the menu in the bar.

In the clubhouse using mobile phones for voice calls is prohibited and phones should be switched to silent. They may only be used on the course in an emergency.

Organisers are asked to inform their players of the dress code at Betchworth Park Golf Club prior to the day to avoid any embarrassment.